Success Leaves Clues

How To Get Painting Leads That Actually Work

So you are a painter and you are wanting to drive new business so you can pay your bills and take care of your own.

I get it.

So let’s see if we can find a clue that a successful painting lead leaves behind so you learn how to find leads that actually work.

Time is an important factor.

Imagine you’re needing a painter in Pittsburgh, PA.

You go online and search for painters in Pittsburgh and fill out some quote request forms.

Then over the next few days painters call you up and give you quotes.

Then you decide on one of the painting companies and then go about you business.

Then out of the blue a painter calls you up late to the party and you tell them you already found someone.

That painter paid for that painting lead and it didn’t work.


Because when they went online and searched for “painting leads Pittsburgh” they didn’t take the time to insure the leads they were buying were hot.

Hot leads are leads that are right now local buyers for your service.

Not yesterdays news.

So a clue that a painting lead will work is time.

Well that’s all we have “time” for today peeps.

Until next time…