Success Leaves Clues

What does a successful junk removal company look like

What does a junk removal company that’s successful have that other junk removal companies don’t? Well, we’re going to dive deep into the inter workings of a junk removal Houston business and see what’s going on under the hood.

A successful junk removal company usually has three defining characteristics. First, they understand that there’s no ‘I’ in team. Second, they know that its best to satisfy an angry customer instead of make them more angry. Finally, they have learned that over delivery of service yields bigger rewards.

Let’s start with the first. A team is the basic unit in any project. It’s the point at which you can scale your operation. A team of one is not very productive with respect to junk removal. How many people does it take to lift that heavy couch? How about unloading that huge dumpster of heavy debris? So with junk removal you need at the very least 2 team members. Three would be even better. These team members need to work together to accomplish the teams goal. That goal should be to meet the customers demands such that they would recommend the company to others and do business with you again.

An angry customer is a bullet to your junk removal business brain. Angry people want to be heard. If you don’t listen they’ll tell all that will. So by allowing a customer to go away mad is like setting up a huge wall around your business. They are business repellent. You’ll lose more than you would have had you just given into their demands. But not only give in, go above and beyond and turn them into a resource of new business. Basically make things right, and then go one step further.

Last but not least doing your job is fine, but doing your job plus taking that extra step to stand out from you competition is better. A happy customer is the target, but a customer testimonial about your junk removal company is icing on your junk.

Success Leaves Clues

What do successful painting companies have in common?

What do successful companies have in common?

Painting is functional in shielding buildings from the effects of water and sun. Painted wooden structures prevent the wood from rotting, and drying in the sun. That aside, painting can be described as a work of art; it requires creativity and talent, and this is what sets apart successful painting companies from amateur companies.

1. Excellent Customer Services
Every reliable company understands that customer relationship determines how far it will grow. Customer service is the genesis of any painting company.

2. Practicable Business Plan
A business plan defines the company by outlining its vision and purpose. For a painting company to thrive, the business plan has to be realistic, and the employees must be aggressive in achieving the standards set in the plan within the given time frame.

3. A Strategic Marketing Plan
Advertising your painting company is a factor you consider even before the formation of the company. Conduct intensive research, identify the niche you can satisfy, and strategize how you will enter the market.
Some of the channels used by excelling companies include; phone books, newspaper, direct selling and social media, the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

4. Professional Painters
Successful companies don’t compromise on quality, any firm cutting corners by hiring amateur employees is unreliable.
Professionals will offer not only quality craftsmanship but also some hacks and advice on certain things, like how to save money while ensuring quality.

5. Good reputation
Reputation is a must for painters Pittsburgh that aim at providing long term services. There are various ways to build a good reputation;
Engaging customers by addressing the raised concerns.
Demonstrate professionalism in how you brand the company.
Demonstrate professionalism when working by ensuring flawless cleaning after painting.

Every craftsmanship requires personalized styles and creativity. Painters must convince the clients that they are a better option. One hack is to establish style, to perfect it, and stick to it.

Success Leaves Clues

How To Get Painting Leads That Actually Work

So you are a painter and you are wanting to drive new business so you can pay your bills and take care of your own.

I get it.

So let’s see if we can find a clue that a successful painting lead leaves behind so you learn how to find leads that actually work.

Time is an important factor.

Imagine you’re needing a painter in Pittsburgh, PA.

You go online and search for painters in Pittsburgh and fill out some quote request forms.

Then over the next few days painters call you up and give you quotes.

Then you decide on one of the painting companies and then go about you business.

Then out of the blue a painter calls you up late to the party and you tell them you already found someone.

That painter paid for that painting lead and it didn’t work.


Because when they went online and searched for “painting leads Pittsburgh” they didn’t take the time to insure the leads they were buying were hot.

Hot leads are leads that are right now local buyers for your service.

Not yesterdays news.

So a clue that a painting lead will work is time.

Well that’s all we have “time” for today peeps.

Until next time…