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3 Things A Caterer Should Know To Be Great

When it comes to catering, what separates an “Hm, they’re ok I suppose.” from “Damn that’s good catering!”?

Well, you’d be surprised to know it’s not just the food.

Here are 3 things you should know to be a great catering New Haven business.

One. You’re customer should feel like a guest at their own party.

What the heck does that mean?

Exactly how it sounds.

The second your client feels like they have to help you do your job, the “bliss” effect is gone and now you’ve gone from super caterer to “Why the hell did I hire these guys?”

To keep this perception alive, make sure you do everything to insure your client is happy as well as their guests.

Basically, let the client enjoy the show while you worry about the stressful details of delivering that show.

Two. Show up early.

Yep. That was not expected.

How does showing up early make you a great caterer?

Catering is not only about the food. It’s about the planning.

You’re the center piece in a gathering meant to be fun and inviting.

That takes time to prepare for. So do yourself and your client a favor. Show up early and prepare for the big event!

Three. Never serve hot food cold or vise versa.

It’s just bad for business.

Most caterers don’t think about temperature.

Temperature is vital to food interaction.

Who wants a cold stake?

No one that’s who. And guess who’s going to get a bad rep if they serve cold meat meant to be hot.


So to be a great caterer not only means to keep an eye on how the food tastes, but its temperature as well.

So lets sum up what you should know to improve your catering game. Make your client feel like a guest at their own show. Show up early to plan for that show. Keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Now go do it!

Small Business

Keys to success as a paint contractor

The paint sector is subject to diverse market conditions. It has both high and low seasons, but a successful contractor is able to work through challenges to create a stable environment. Creating a successful business in the initial phases of a contract is crucial and requires reputation-building. Here are the essential tips to become a successful paint contractor.

Establish a Workable Team

As a contractor, it is important to build a great team that is prepared to achieve the project objectives. A team approach to painting development is crucial as it enables individual workers to be more involved in the whole construction process. Team efforts aid in the generation of new ideas, which enhances the efficiency of the project.

Ensure Quality

Quality is king when it comes to painting construction success. Clients consider project success when they are dealing with low-maintenance contractors. This means not going to your client every day with back charges or having employees missing their schedules or showing up without protective gear. You must fly under the radar to ensure that you perform quality work and remain dedicated to the paint project. When you have your workers coming up to you with an idea of reimagining a process, the end-creativity will be very impactful.

Be Obsessed

Show passion in every project you are undertaking. When you genuinely care about the paint projects you are working on, the enthusiasm will trickle down to the team you are working with. Sweat for every detail, and ask the client everything pertaining to the project. This way, you will come up with the exact product the client wanted in the first place.

Painting projects are physically and mentally challenging, and having morale with a dedicated team can reduce turnover. It is important to only hire a team that can be dedicated to the project. To maintain success, painters Pittsburgh provides more information on how to maintain quality in painting.